Functional design solutions

Functional design solutions that allow for safety considerations during construction, operation and maintenance

A pragmatic approach

Cosmetic Detailing

Fibre glass is not only noticed by those within the manufacturing industry, it is now also has its uses being developed by designers and architects who want to add more qualities to the properties that they are involved in.

Interior design can become very repetitive and overlooked by the general public, carbon fibre accents can create a more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing look to a property. A hotel that was once used dated and slow can become modern and welcoming to the public.

Designers that work with carbon fibre will also often work with lighting and pair the two together to create warming yet modern environments. When carbon fibre details have a back light they become translucent which can add depth to an omit hallway or bathroom.

Cosmetic details such as handrails and platforms can be replaced from wood and metal to carbon fibre which will allow more intricate designs to be evolved. As well as the overall appearance that the alternative gives, carbon fibre is also more hygienic as it can be cleaned easier than materials used previously such as wood. This is ideal for items such as handrails in public environments.

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Create a Bespoke Property, Inside and Out

Create a Bespoke Property, Inside and Out We specialise in thoughtful, contemporary residential and commercial design and have backgrounds in architecture, interior design, engineering and construction management. Our ethos is based on creating inspiring living and working spaces for real people who enjoy good design at affordable prices. We believe in providing honest and creative design solutions. Our design and construction team are on hand to manage the entire project. Our flexible interior design […]


residential over the years abs has built up an excellent reputation in the housing sector, encompassing the whole spectrum from small extensions and individual dwellings, through to the design and management of complete housing estates.


We have an impressive track record of successfully completed projects that is based on: • Commitment to project objectives and client aspirations • Project delivery in a culture of openness and honesty • A pragmatic approach • A flexible and co-ordinated design service ensuring total integration of design solutions. • An awareness and understanding of aesthetic and environmental considerations and their impact on design and […]

cad & survey services

cad & survey services abs offers a fully comprehensive reproduction service utilising CAD, to include mechanical and electrical drawings, photogrammetry and 3D visualisation. to complement this we also undertake measured building and land surveys reproduced to CD or paper format. this fast and efficient service provides a state of the art archiving system where all your existing drawings and visuals can be consigned to safe, […]

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We are currently involved in a major programme of improvements to stations on the Piccadilly Line, including a new station. Residental work continues with substantial projects in Brentford and Croydon. Healthcare projects include the retirement home for actors at Denville Hall and a new day hospice in Kent. Brentford Lock > Crown Heights, Basingstoke > Denville Hall, Northwood > Dolphin Yard, Hertford > Footbridge over […]

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Project Management

We can deal with all aspects of the project, using specialist knowledge of the Interior Design and Construction process. Supplying a team of quality tradesmen or work with our clients preferred contractors in London Before we are commissioned to carry out the design brief we will provide you with a written quotation detailing our fees. We spend quality time evaluating your design requirements, with an initial […]

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Interior Design and Property Health In Watford

Interior Design When moving into a new property you want to make the house your own. The design of the inside and all of the little details that are chosen is what makes a property your home. If you’ve lived at the same property for a while and want a change a good way to do this is to design your home. Change the colours […]

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Architectural design strategy

The people participating in our project develop the vision into a more detailed ‘story of change’ that includes strategic themes and priority projects. The identification of issues and areas of investigation and design into strategic themes is an important characteristic of the process. It identifies the critical issues and projects that need to be addressed at cross-boundary level.

They create in parallel a number of spatial options or scenarios for implementing the themes and projects and test these by simulating what the impact would be. The options, together with the results of the testing, are often put out to wider community consultation. Once feedback has been analysed, an option is taken forward and refined, including more detailed design briefs or proposals for specific sites.

The key output of this phase is a spatial architectural strategy, which summarises the story of change for the area, preferred themes, projects and the spatial option for their implementation. It is published widely in the area in formats that are easy to understand, to assist public buy in.

Those participating then prepare and publish a design guide to underpin the implementation of more detailed proposals: the success of the urban design process will be judged by the quality of the buildings, spaces and places that are developed.

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over the years abs has built up an excellent reputation in the housing sector, encompassing the whole spectrum from small extensions and individual dwellings, through to the design and management of complete housing estates.