Advanced Cosmetic Detailing

Cosmetic Detailing

Fibre glass is not only noticed by those within the manufacturing industry, it is now also has its uses being developed by designers and architects who want to add more qualities to the properties that they are involved in.

Interior design can become very repetitive and overlooked by the general public, carbon fibre accents can create a more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing look to a property. A hotel that was once used dated and slow can become modern and welcoming to the public.

Designers that work with carbon fibre will also often work with lighting and pair the two together to create warming yet modern environments. When carbon fibre details have a back light they become translucent which can add depth to an omit hallway or bathroom.

Cosmetic details such as handrails and platforms can be replaced from wood and metal to carbon fibre which will allow more intricate designs to be evolved. As well as the overall appearance that the alternative gives, carbon fibre is also more hygienic as it can be cleaned easier than materials used previously such as wood. This is ideal for items such as handrails in public environments.